June 18, 2020

Walford Weekly Ep. 122: And the Vic Goes To…

This is ‘Walford Weekly’, an EastEnders round up from the Square!  Join us as we delve into the stories that aired in the UK from Monday 15th to Tuesday 16th 2020.


So this is it.  The end of the current series of EastEnders.  You have to admit it’s had a pretty good run, 35 years is not to be sniffed at and like the soap we’re bowing out on a high.  But do not worry as we will be back in September or maybe before...  You can always follow us on YouTube where we still post content and we post our musings on Twitter, Instagram and our Facebook group - details below!


TIME STAMPS - (We ramble on sometimes, so it’s worth listening to the whole show!)


00:00:00 - Welcome to ‘Walford Weekly’! Your EastEnders Podcast!


00:04:56 - “Panesar Pit Stop” - Feat. Gray, Chantelle, Whitney and Suki


00:14:57 - “Dotty’s Dive” - Feat. Ian, Dotty, Peter, Bobby and Sonia


00:28:21 - Game - “Martin Fowler’s Five-A-Day”


00:31:55 - “Billy’s Bash” - Feat. Billy, Karen, Mitch, Tina, Iqra and Keegan


00:46:43 - “The Queen Comes Home” - Feat. Linda, Mick, Phil, Sharon, Ian, Ben, Jay and Callum


01:05:31 - “...I’m Not One To Gossip...” - Your tweets and messages from our social media


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